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Capturing Culture:

Frame by Frame,

Bar for Bar.

Looking for captivating and creative videos that stand out in a  sea of formulaic, algorithm-driven content? Look no further.

My videography services specialize in creating product, event, and social media videos with a maximalist approach. I believe that every video should have the look and feel of a music video or a movie trailer, and I collaborate with clients to form a tonality and aesthetic that resonates with their audiences. What sets me apart is my commitment to being artistically driven and intentional in my work. I don't chase formulas and trends, but rather seek to create videos that are out-of-the-box and designed to resonate with viewers on a deeper level. By taking this approach, I believe that any traction gained from my videos is more organic and dedicated than otherwise.

Whether you're in the streetwear industry or beyond, I'm passionate about bringing your vision to life with stunning visuals that capture the essence of your brand.

Promotional Video

Legend Oaks

Summer's Over Interlude

Streetwear Brand Launch

Sigma Phi Epsilon KY Beta

Fall Rush: GTA V Edition

Apparel Design Reveal

Sigma Phi Epsilon KY Beta

Fall Rush: Peanuts Edition

Frame Animation  / Reveal

Nostalgia Ultra Collection

"Until Dawn"

Digital Bumper Ad

Peak Performance Consulting

Coffee with a Coach

Series Title Sequence

Nostalgia Ultra Collection

Nostalgia Ultra Tour Guide

Teaser Trailer

Chekhov's Gun


Debut EP Trailer / Music Preview

Anemic Royalty

"Gun to Your Head"

Single Release Announcement

Nostalgia Ultra Collection

Call Me If You Get Lost

Time-lapse Edit

Nostalgia Ultra Collection


Time-lapse Edit

Nostalgia Ultra Collection

2014 Forest Hills Drive

Time-lapse Edit

Adidas x Oneness - University of Louisville Ultraboosts


Social Media Product Ad

Nostalgia Ultra Collection

After Hours

Time-lapse Edit

"The Skin I Live In"

Once an Addict (Interlude)

Social Media Bumper Ad

"The Skin I Live In"


Social Media Bumper Ad

Event Videography

The Festival Babes

Soundhaven Music Festival

Music Festival Recap Montage

Sigma Phi Epsilon KY Beta

Tuesday Night Volleyball

Sporting Tournament Recap

The Festival Babes

"Twirlin' Fire"

Bumper Ad / Motion Graphic


Informational Videos

Yale University Research Team

Two Buckets

Video Infographic

Live-Streams & Charity



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