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Photography has always been a vital tool for me as a means to visually communicate ideas and messages effectively. Initially, I used photography only as a way to capture images for graphic design and videography uses. However, as the Graphics Editor for the Eastern High School Yearbook, I discovered a passion for event photography, which led me to hone my skills further. From taking product photos of my own apparel designs in Sigma Phi Epsilon to capturing event photos for philanthropic organizations at the University of Louisville, I have expanded my photography portfolio to include graduation pictures, creative photoshoots, and more.


Although my design and videography outputs played a larger role, my photography skills played a significant part in Sigma Phi Epsilon receiving the Outstanding Fraternity Communication and Brand award from the University of Louisville in 2018 and 2019.


While my portfolio is still growing, I am now excited to showcase and grow my photography skills and build a robust portfolio. Use the arrows on other side of the section galleries to scroll.

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