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With my extensive experience in both digital and print design, I have helped numerous Louisville businesses and organizations in diverse fields create compelling brand identities, distinctive apparel, and effective print layouts. I also specialize in web design and app UX/UI to elevate user experiences. From crafting elegant logos to designing engaging user interfaces, my work has successfully launched brands, products, and movements. Browse through my portfolio to discover how I combine artistry with technical skills to create designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



This is the Brand Identity subsection of my Design portfolio. I specialize in creating unique visual identities for a variety of organizations, both digital and print. My designs range from playful and quirky to bold and professional, always tailored to fit the specific needs and target audience of the client.


Sigma Phi Epsilon

Kentucky Beta

As the Design Chair of the KY Beta chapter of SigEp, I saught to ensure a level of visual consistency and freshness through the implementation of “themes.” Every semester, I would build our typography,  color schemes, and other brand identity elements from the ground up. These themes ranged from a playful "Peanuts" theme to edgier themes such as the rock and roll-inspired "Apocalypse Edition." Some of the logos are displayed below.

To see how I successfully implemented various design strategies and themes across integrated marketing campaigns, resulting in increased brand recognition and engagement, click here.

Explore my passion for print design in this section of my portfolio. From my early days as the Graphics Editor of the Eastern High School Yearbook team, I honed my layout skills and expanded my experience with various organizations in college. My passion grew to be in apparel design, where I can combine the rules and structure of graphic design with a free-form, traditionally artistic approach, creating unique and engaging designs that stand and sell out.


SigEp KY Beta Apparel

As Design Chair for almost 5 years in SigEp, I spearheaded the creation of SigEp Apparel- designing 2,000 best-selling units of various apparel items, valued at just over $40,000. As the sole designer and overseer of all advertisement, payment transactions, and distribution, I ensured that each design was in accordance with their respective semesters' themes. Implemented a range of design strategies that effectively communicated the semester "theme," enhanced brand recognition, and increased engagement among our target audience. My innovative design concepts were frequently mimicked by other chapters of SigEp across the country.

Click and scroll to the right to see some of my SigEp Apparel designs and how they can elevate your marketing campaigns.


Through my print design work for campaign posters at UofL, I successfully helped candidates secure various elected positions, from Homecoming King to Porter Scholar President. By capturing each candidate's unique vision and tailoring the designs to their target audience, I was able to create impactful visual identities that communicated their message clearly and consistently. Leveraging the same typography elements for aligned candidates not only maintained a sense of visual synergy but also reinforced the message. The result was highly effective designs that caught the attention of the audience and helped each candidate succeed in their respective campaigns.


Check out examples of some of my successful campaign posters, flyers, and yard signs here.

University of Louisville Campaigns

In the realm of print design, even the smallest roles can leave a lasting impact. Within this subsection, you'll find an assortment of designs created for various clients. From Gravity Magazine t-shirts and tote bag designs to Ivy League streetwear apparel, each project showcases my versatility and commitment to quality. Noteworthy examples include my conceptual jersey designs for Yale University Club Soccer Team, unique posters composed of my own photography, and custom stickers for SigEp.


As a living entity, my portfolio is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Stay tuned for updates and new additions that will highlight my creativity and dedication to visual communication.

Print Designs


As the Graphics Editor for the Eastern High School Yearbook Team, I was responsible for visually enforcing the "CREATE" theme throughout the entire yearbook, from brand identity elements to layout and cover imagery. I ensured that the entire book was visually cohesive, while also working closely with section heads to incorporate unique elements that expressed each section's identity. This was done through the lens of different creative mediums, such as colored pencil, photography, sports photography, and others.


This approach resulted in a highly successful yearbook that sold out of all copies and was monumental in my continued work in the field of graphic design.

You can see some of my layouts, splash page designs, and the cover artwork in the adjacent slideshow.*

*Due to a bug, the Yearbook slideshow has been temporarily removed. Check back soon.

Eastern High School Yearbook


WeHere: Event Planning Through Social Media

During my time at WeHere, I played a key role in establishing the company's brand identity, which included designing the layout for their website. Using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I created a web design and layout that was functional and kept the "character." Working closely with the development team, I ensured that the website's design maintained the unique personality of the brand's mascots and color palette. The end result was a user-friendly, intuitive website that effectively communicated WeHere's value proposition to its target audience. I broke the mock-up into individual file assets that were then seamlessly ported into Figma for further development.

You can view the animated mock-up concepts for the Main page and Contact page below.

*Note that this version was not final, but was the foundational template for the website.

I've also designed the very website you are currently browsing, and every asset it contains!


During my time at WeHere, I also undertook designing the App UI in close collaboration with the Development team. Our goal was to create an interface that was both visually striking and highly customizable. To achieve this, we designed the app to be communal in nature, with users able to prioritize either "Groups" or "Events" based on their preferences.

"Groups" were permanent congregations of users, such as college study groups or intramural teams, where members could invite others to join, chat, plan events, and share files. "Events" were temporary, invite-only or open gatherings that could be organized by individuals or groups, and were presented in chronological order.

To enhance the user experience, we added features such as real-time information updates that hosts could customize. For instance, if an event was a party, the host could display the currently playing song, while for informational events, hosts could include the current slide topic for attendees who were running late or on the fence about attending. The app also provided opt-in, real-time updates on event attendance, prioritizing friends or "mutuals," and displaying a live-feed of comments from event-goers. This allowed users to gauge the atmosphere and save them from any unexpected surprises.

Although mock-ups for the WeHere App UI are not currently available, check back soon for future media uploads.

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