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The Nostalgia Ultra Collection Digital Marketing

Marketing musical memories

The Nostalgia Ultra Collection, mosaic recreations of album covers made from pieces of vinyl records, seeks to invoke connections between the depicted music and memories of the viewer. Using the iconography and expanded visuals of these albums, videography, design, and photography is used to promote the artwork digitally, emulating the structure of an album rollout.

Announcement videos are released just before the marketing for record art pieces begin. Using vinyl and music imagery, it serves as a means to differentiate from other art forms I release and/or market, and communicate The Nostalgia Ultra Collection is back.

Artist Reveal videos are mysterious clips revealing the upcoming artwork's artist and album. Frank Ocean, "Blonde (left)," and Mac Miller, "Swimming (right)."

Bumper ads for use in short-form settings (TikTok, Instagram Reels) once an artist is revealed. The Weeknd, "After Hours (left)," and Rihanna, "ANTI (right)."

Art pieces are released in small "albums" or "EPs" along genre or thematic lines, with one being pushed as the "single" in advance.

Timelapses accompany photography of the artwork, matching the FPS of the video to the BPM of the song playing ("After Hours" and "2014 Forest Hills Drive," respectively).


Popular set pieces, outfits, performances, and moments are also emulated for further immersion. Mac Miller's album cover for Swimming (left) and his outfit in his wildly popular Tiny Desk Concert performance (right) are recreated in the photography of myself and the "Swimming" art piece (pictured below).

Photography for "Swimming," from the Debut EP of the Nostalgia Ultra Collection.

Teasers to what's next and upcoming are included at the end of releases. On the left is the teaser that Mac Miller was to be followed by the Weeknd and the Debut EP. On the right is the Tribe Called Quest inspired confirmation of a full collection (contains explicit lyrics).

Post-release, long-form video content such as Q&As and creative process breakdowns are released. In addition to digital strategies, artwork is also promoted using custom vinyl record sleeves and stickers, vinyl record giveaways, local magazine interview pieces, etc..

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